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Brass Bar Tops

Brass is leading a trend in bar tops and other hospitality surfaces!

brass countertop


Unique Bar Tops

Brass is a reactive metal that gains a patina based on the environment where it is used. As such, it is sought after for commercial spaces that want to provide the sense of a well established business or heritage of durability and class. It is a first choice for many hospitality designers looking for something coastal, natural, or unique. With the golden base color, brass - the alloy formed from copper and zinc - adds highlights to breweries, wineries, restaurants, pubs, and other gathering spots. The brass patinas toward a brown color and the durability of brass helps it maintain its shape in any setting.

In a bar or public house setting, the brass will age and show use. Acidic foods such as lemons, limes and tomato-based foods (salsa, ketchup) will react with the brass and, in a short amount of time, look like it has been there for decades.

Custom Appearance

The appearance of brass will be unique to the situation. Every guest at the brass bar may leave a mark of some sort, whether it is a fingerprint, condensation from their glass, or reaction from their drink garnish. High traffic areas will buff down to the golden base color while areas of less traffic will react differently. This customization is something that will depend on the food or drinks served, the humidity or the frequency of new guests. Either way, a custom bar top is one that creates memories of a good time. Read more about what to expect from a brass bar top appearance here.

Brass Sheets For Bartops

We recommend ordering 0.025" or 0.032" thick brass sheet from Shop OnlineMetals Now or click the image below to order:

Edge Profiles

Since brass is an elegant metal, many designers are choosing a custom edge profile to help the elevation view of the space really stand out. Click for our Edge Profile page.

In addition to brass, we are also experts with zinc and copper. Learn about zinc or copper surfacing at our other websites: or