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Brass Countertops


We have over 30 years of experience in making brass countertops in America.

The Value of Brass Countertops

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Both of these natural elements are known to be antimicrobial and this trait can also occur in brass. In addition, brass is a hard material that is durable, long-lasting and develops a natural patina. As a countertop material, brass is unique in looks and will last a long time in residential kitchens, commercial bars, or just the occasionally used basement bar. Brass is also a good choice for exterior surfacing and many people are adding brass countertops to their outdoor living space.

Brass Countertop Construction

Many fabricators laminate sheet brass to a wood substrate to form a brass countertop. These countertop sections bolt together to create a full kitchen countertop. Seams are present - just as there are seams in wood, laminate, or stone countertops - and the unique patina on brass countertops will draw more attention than the seams. 

Order Brass Sheets For Countertops

We recommend 0.032" thick brass sheet from Click the image below to order:

Countertop Edges

Edge details are unique and add a space for creativity to your room's horizon. Browse our edge profile page and choose the one that works best for you. 


Brass is a reactive metal so the color is often changing based on its use. We have more information on what you can expect for the appearance of brass countertops, but will cover the basics here.

We recommend a matte finish for most of countertops - this allows the metal to react quickly, and naturally, based on your use. Often fingerprints and other marks start to show up during the installation process. Once the brass countertops are being cleaned, the local water will begin to age the brass. Other substances that cause a quick reaction include acidic foods such as tomatoes, lemons, and more. Areas of the brass countertop with a lot of use will have more of a golden look while lower traffic areas will age toward a brown color.

Brass Countertop Pricing

Again, we have an entire section devoted to pricing of brass countertops. There are some main variables that will affect the price including whether a sink is under mount or surface mount, the amount of sections, the type of edge detail and others. 

Other Countertops

In addition to brass, we are also experts with zinc and copper countertops. In fact, we have entire websites devoted to these unique materials and hope you will visit them or ask about these materials as you consider your new kitchen.