Brass Countertops Made in USA - Ships Worldwide!

The research and ordering process

Mio Metals creates custom brass countertops for homes, offices and hospitality destinations and ships them to the jobsite for installation. Our speciality and focus is on our craft of making the countertops and we do not do any installation or onsite measurements. We are building our nationwide network of Authorized Dealers to help with the onsite work. In the meantime, please visit our Installer list to see if we have a referral in your area.

Call 888-530-7630 for assistance


1. Use our Brass Locator to see if there is an Authorized Dealer near you.

2. If not, we will be happy to provide you with a written estimate and drawing based on your dimensions. 

3. When you are ready to schedule your project, we require a 50% deposit.

4. We will ask for your approval on the dimensions, shape and finishes. Once approved, production begins.

5. After our quick turnaround, you will receive the completed countertop sections that will be ready for installation. 

There are a few primary things to focus on when ordering brass countertops - how much experience does the company have crafting brass countertops? Do they use lead-free solder, leaded solder or brazing? Will they be around to stand behind their work? Do they adhere the metal to the wood with 1200 PSI or higher?


Here's the basic overview of the fabrication process for our brass countertops:

1. We build plywood subtops based on your dimensions and plans.

2. We cover the subtops in Brass and bond the metal to the wood.

3. Finishing in a non-directional matte pattern is the best to prepare the metal for use. You will see it react to your situation and environment within days. We do also offer patinas for an additional charge.

4. After inspection, we package them in a wooden crate and ship them to you. Or, if you are in Northern California, you can pick them up in our shop.