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brass bar top safety

Brass Safety

Brass is an alloy of two natural elements, copper and zinc. How safe is it when used as a surface material in your home, restaurant or business?

Brass, on it's own, is not toxic unless you consume high doses of it. The elements that make up brass - copper and zinc - are naturally forming and can be found in many multi-vitamins and foods.

When considering brass as a long lasting surface material in your home or hospitality project, keep in mind that most food preparation doesn't happen directly on the surface. Can you cut a slice of bread directly on the surface - sure, and you may leave a scratch that is likely to be unnoticeable within a day. Is it better to use a cutting board? Yes, for the food and the knife. Can you eat food that has been directly on the countertop? Yes, but don't throw out your plates.

Brass has been used for centuries for food storage and drinking vessels, however, we recommend not eating directly off of it.